Monday, October 25, 2010

Reading just a hobby???

The word hobby would be too small a word to describe such a great art-reading!

 The word would suit the art of reading in many contexts but there are a few exceptions.

Reading is not only about time pass or a mode of seeking knowledge but a great relief, a short escapism from the reality! According to me at the least

Yep! Particularly when the world around you, irritates you.

Just think of this, the crowd around you is screaming at you. screaming in the sense…like,
perhaps they want your attention but you don’t seem to like that.
perhaps they want to tell you that you should be with them and your path is wrong, but actually you are not interested for you don’t want to be with them and you know your path is right.

you are literally exhausting and dying because of that bedlam of yells .you are not able to take it anymore, the anger is gradually waking up for they have irritated u enough and the good mood of you is going to sleep for you are captivated.

So friends before your provoked mind commands anything to you or if you are wondering about what could be done at such an instance, think,

What other idea than opening a book and slipping away to another world can be the ultimate retaliation and the ultimate escape? Brilliant isn’t it???

The idea that satisfies both anger and sadness.

Now, It’s a kinda “bunking off” so don’t take anything with you but just grab the hands of ‘concentration’ with you.

As you run way, you can hear those sick people still irritating you but their voices are fading now for you are far away from them, now please show your victorious grin

And far away they continue to provoke you because you are physically present but you know you are mentally vanished!

Writers are great,blessed specially by the god, mortal gods as I would like to call them for they create fantasy worlds with mere pens, a world invisible yet beautiful when our Imagination ignites life in those worlds!

Books are nothing but mobile worlds,each different from another,and you have great choices...aint it a boon for a  refugee???
So now when you reach another world you start the journey, where you are invisible to the people in those worlds! you watch them,dream about what you would have done

if you were in that ,altogether u enjoy it.Those people make you laugh, cry……. Ya kind of roller coaster drive through emotions

And as the end nears a tear trickles down your cheeks (I do get them !), you think “alas its all over, a beautiful world wish I could stay longer……. ,forever”

but impossible!(wait, but they say nothing is impossible right??? I doubt it now!)

Well you wouldn’t have felt so if you consider reading as just a hobby. hope I made my part clear

And if any book bores you,don’t worry here alone, refugees always have multiple choices as I told you………

Provided that it doesn’t take long to reach there

And the situation becomes pathetic, when you want to go to another world but the distance is too long or time is very less,or you are midway through!

At last its time to wake up and stop this ‘journey’…

now walk back slowly to the reality.

you can smile now for there would be peace because either the crowd must have died literally or they might have calmed down ,

if not, come on take another journey!

So cannot imagine a world with out books no?

Well but one thing, like books to some to some , arts, music and color may be for others…..

But all I want to say is that I hate the idea of calling reading as mere hobby…….. it is the best gift god has given us, a boon and much more…….

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  1. dint c tis post d last tym i came defenitely makes a lot of sense.


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