Monday, March 7, 2011

Loss is loss...

Loss is loss…be it small or big,a thing or a person …anything
Well something that I realized recently
And everyone knows that time heals this wound.
But do you believe this healing is eternal??NO
what I observed about time was that, it has a mechanism to do this whole healing process.. …
I believe it’s the plan of the time that we,at somepoint of our life, feel  that we have found a substitute for our loss…(and we may even get what we lost itself as in the case of a relationship, but with a lot of weak patchworks…)
And at that time your hearts swears to you that it is the same old one that you lost once. And it will all feel fresh, a new beginning… that’s how the pain vanishes
Then life moves on….
Is that the end??? No its not over folks…
one day you will seriously ponder why is it that the vacuum is still there even when it is filled?? Why is it that nothing is like how it was before??? why am I acting ????
Then you will realize that the substitute was deceptive, was imperfect and your smile fades.
And here a severe ache rushes out and then you will know time was a cheat because the grief of loss is still there, it was there all these days, at some corner of your heat like an unrotten corpse in the cold.
And even time wont come to your rescue at that time, for it’s role is over.
Then you will stop acting, you wont value your substitute anymore, you will stop showing your fake smile,you will accept the truth.
And if you ask me if there is any way to kill the pain, I would say-No, Because loss is loss.
But friends you know what? tomorrow when you become a loss to somebody else, you can pass on a copy of the same pain you underwent, to him or her….


  1. hi Haritha how are you?! I have been working a lot... I'm not having much time to write on my blog, or read other blogs. What have you been doing?
    PS: I never forget you dear ;-)


  2. (you look SO BEAUTIFUL at your new picture!)

  3. Yeah
    Loss is Loss :(
    We need to accept and move on


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