Saturday, February 5, 2011

Hold on! Listen to what a plastic bag has to say...

Hello everyone!yes!!! this is a plastic bag here! a member of the family- PLASTICS.
 I am glad that I got this space to spit out whatever is there on my mind.
Okay,You know me very well. I am a part and parcel of your life.technically speaking I am a long chain of carbons molecules called polymers.
whatever, MAN is my god for he is our creator
I am around you, and the cars you drive, the computers you use, the utensils you cook with, the recreational equipment you play with, and the houses and buildings you live and work in all include plastics. You buy food and water wrapped in plastics and you throw wastes wrapped preciously in plastics tooJ
There are many others stronger than us  in our family.. We don’t rust, we are cheap….
But there is some problem which is upsetting us and I know,even all the members of my family……..PLEASE LISTEN TO WHAT I HAVE TO SAY
We understood that we cause pollution…hey listen friends this is not at all intended..
Each day I see people going on a rally saying “goodbye plastics” and all that. we really get insulted or more than that,painL
When I was born,all I saw around me was millions of bags like me and other stronger members of our family.i thought that was the world.but when I got out of that factory I saw the REAL BEAUTIFUL world……
Omg!what a cute wonderful world you have  man! amazing! green all around. your god is a great artist…
Only he can create this world which is perfect to the core…
But my creator I mean “the man” make haste, never think of the consequences of whatever he does…
I feel making us, plastics, is a mistake in many ways…But I think even your god make mistakes otherwise he wouldn’t have created you….oops sorry…just my rage out of pain.
ATLEAST you rot when you are dead
alas! we aren’t even capable of thatL (and as far as I am concerned that’s the only difference between us)
 Well no worries we are ready to quit or we would love to emancipate the world from us
But why don’t you realize that only our creator can destroy us? That means only you can do it
So why don’t you simply gradually avoid us rather than simply bark.
So just don’t blame us okay???? What can we do????
See, after seeing your mother nature , i myself and my family felt real bad. We never wanted to be one of the reasons why your earth suffers….
And if an outsider like me is feeling so ,I wonder why you people are least bothered about the place you live in!!! shame on your part…
So its not too late.hey man ,wake up time! we beg you.”reduce,reuse,recycle” us and finally KILL.why is the delay???we don’t care if our race face extinction….
Hoping for something positive,
“The nature of your future depends upon the future of the nature”


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