Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Before the anger defeats you...

“AARGH! WHO ENTERED MY ROOM and touched my personal stuffs???????”-you scream
“And my beatles’s  CD is missing!omg!!!!!”, but no one seems to answer.
“And my ipod!!!!!!!!!!! Jeeez!”
This time you run out of your room and enter the room of your prime suspect. Yes your sis!
You scream! But your sis shows an “I don’t live in this world itself”” expression on her face.
Now you can’t bear it anymore .without another word you take a leap towards your sis. Of course, your sis won’t keep quiet, And NOW, Ladies and gentleman the quarrel begins: D

Well friends, this is an example of a  common fight.
We all become angry for reasons that are silly to serious. And unfortunately unlike expressing other emotions, we can’t express anger because is harmful to others and even to us.
Well I am here to give you certain ways by which you can control your anger(as if I am so patient! but believe me this will really help you to at least reduce the impacts of anger on you as well as on the person you are angry with)
First, let us rewind the above situation. You enter your room and understand that somebody has sneaked in, and the missing Beatles CD and the broken Ipod are the proofs.
And you have reasons to believe that all that are the works of your sis
.1-before you feel like hitting your sis reach for a paper and pen
Now convert your anger into words. Scribble out whatever comes to your mind. (Well, this seems stupid because you will go blind when you are angry. Now that you have read this, always be prepared with a paper and penJ)
Now if your anger is gone,keep it up! Well if not, try this.
2-IMAGINE yourself kicking or hitting or pinching your sis .If you cant imagine just grab a pillow and start hitting it (well sorry,I am not responsible for the later scoldings from your mom)
Now is the anger gone? yes? Wonderful! No? Don’t worry
3-Count from 1 to 10 slowly (an old method) plus think like this”I am different from others and I wont allow the enemy -anger to defeat me”
Now your anger will definitely vanish and still if you are angry I am sorry ,uh-oh your poor sis!:(
So that’s it.
[Now coming to your missing beatles C.D and Ipod matter. well once your anger is gone, wait for a chance to sneak into your sister’s room and search for your things and if you are unable to find them, take some of your sister’s fave belongings and get out. once your sis finds out that ,she will come to you.
NOW offer the two way dealJ]
 So friends try the above methods and defeat the dangerous enemy-anger before it defeats you.Go on take up this challenge.Good luck!


  1. thanks haritha!!!

    i used to fight a lot with my sis when we were younger, but now we are always friends, we grow up and learn about respect.


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