Saturday, June 18, 2011

Advices,advices everywhere,unable to breathe!

So What’s this thing that you get free of cost in abundance and more than that everyone is very keen and generous to offer and still  we mostly don’t bother to accept???
BRAVO! Yes, it is advices! And particularly students prey fall for the glib and clichéd advices about their future .
Because here in India 10th and 12th grades, 12th   especially is considered to be the turning point in a student’s life. (I wonder why everyone is forced to turn at the same point. Won’t turning points be different for different people?)

Somebody’s opinion about what another person should do-this is how an Encarta dictionary defines the word advice
Isn’t that sounding stupid?! So everyone can advice anyone about anything!
 Suppose a person A advises a girl X about which career she should choose and Some B advises the same girl X about the same topic,  but the advices are totally different from what A has said, and both are equally good, what should this girl do???
Wouldn’t she feel lost unless she is robustly determined to follow her heart and not the advices?
So, what I understand is, these advisers are actually trying to prove and make us follow whatever they feel is right in their opinion, which they gathered from their experiences that they learnt from their life.
So let me ask you a question. Do you think that lessons one has gathered from his or her experiences would be exactly applicable to everyone?
That can’t be! It’s high time that people should stop advising glibly.

Worst of all, There is yet another group who advises every one to be practical. Such people want us to leave our dreams because for them, dreaming and achieving them are not practical in this era unless our dream is about becoming a doctor or engineer in our life!
Now are these the only professions in this whole universe?
Oh, ya! just heed their words and at the end of the day, we will definitely find ourselves walking along with a crowd where everyone shares the same identitycheers to the elders! Look at the result of being practical!
Of course it is in our hands to take or simply ignore those advices but sadly most of the time we get brain washed or influenced by our elders if we an unstable and moreover advices are highly deceptive.

Well to end this up ,given below is my definition for advice.
A few words from a perfect person, that are strong and true, with the intensity of fire that can change our life in the correct direction
and not to forget that we should get them exactly when we are in desperate need of it. Too fictitious!
so truly its advices advices everywhere and we are unable to breathe.. I have only one request to the elders--  please let us follow our heart and whatever is your reason for why we should not follow our dreams, we give self contentment the top priority and once we achieve it, no doubt this world will be at our feet!


  1. This is so true!
    few years ago I was the X girl. My parents, teachers, everyone was trying to talk me into some thoughts about my future, but not the way I wanted it, but the way they wanted. One day I just stopped listening to them and now I'm proud to say that even my parents told me DO WHATEVER YOU WANT AND BECOME WHOEVER YOU WANT, WE WILL ONLY SUPPORT YOU, IT'S YOUR LIFE, YOUR DECISIONS.

    And I think that's the best thing parents can tell. Cause I am free to decide.


  2. I get this alot as though I am not allowed an opinion, I listen but do what I think best.


  3. true!!n most of d advices r jus meaningless

  4. Helló!
    Fit to listen to advice and then decide for yourself, your own opinions.

  5. Advices are just to enlighten you. Everything is still up to you right? =)

  6. thankyou all for your precious comments:)

  7. lol Here in America we have a saying... opinions are like butts. Everyone has one and none of them smell good. Follow your heart and dreams. My advice find something you love and enjoy doing and make that your career. How can you fail?


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