Saturday, June 25, 2011

This is it!

Dear MJ,
You stole our hearts with your superlative songs, with your electrifying moves, and with your unrivaled moonwalk, like a smooth criminal.
I still remember the time when, as a kid like a fanatic I watched your videos endlessly. All pretty young things! they drived me wild..
After all when your songs are playing who can beat it?
You are the thriller!The invincible,daring and dangerous.
You made everything you touched, into gold.The king of pop , Who else can be the one? 
you told us that the man in the mirror should change first, to heal the world. you tried to change the bad, human nature with your unique songs.what more can you give?
you always are a reason to Smile. The way you make me feel ,I simply cant express.
Butyou have gone too soon, making us cry,before we could say-don’t walk away.Perhaps,Heaven could not waitbut why?
The truth is but, some people never die
Yes!you live in the hearts of a million people like mine,black or white. You rock our world!
And I wanna scream this out. I just cant NO! We just can’t stop loving you!


  1. WOWW Haritha
    this is it!!!i seriously luvd tis post. how DID U DO IT?n d pics r even better.....
    long live MJ

  2. Wonderful, MJ will live on forever with his music and videos.


  3. good to know about the man who dominated the world with his extra ordinary qualities.....:)

  4. Ahhhh, beautiful words for MJ.

    I see in you, Haritha, a tender soul. Don't change.

  5. You are so awesome, Haritha :)

    I enjoyed this post like every else :)
    And these are such beautiful words.


    And thanks for your sweet comments.

  6. he's music will always live

  7. :) Hi,

    Don't ask me why I'm :) now, I just feel good to be here and read your posts...

    Have a very very nice and pleasant day,,

  8. Excellent ode to the man we will never forget! Many will and have tried to imitate him, but he was one of a kind. His music spans generations and cultures.

    Great job, Haritha!

    Thanks for following & commenting at my blog. I am returning the kindness and have also become your newest follower:-)

  9. @sneha thanks sneha:)i loved the pics too
    @irfanuddin.thats absolutely true:)
    @holabda thankyou:)
    @baiba thanks baiba!
    @barb no doubt:)
    @mostafa thanks a lot:)
    @andy so happy to get a follower like u

  10. So you're a big fan of MJ!! Wow! Awesome! Don't worry .. He left something for his fans. His music =)

  11. It was a tragedy. There can never be another 'Thriller' He was there for all and sundry, young and elderly. He was there when we needed him. You have captured his chart-busters so well in what you penned.


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