Sunday, June 12, 2011

The rebirth

Up above on the cliff she stood all alone in the dark. It was a silent evening. As silent as a churchyard. A wind was howling and a lonely bird was circling in the sky. The only sound heard was that of the waves.

She slowly moved towards the tip of the cliff and looked down at the raging sea. It was beckoning her.
“Just a few moments more and I shall close my eyes for ever in peace.” She thought.
 She closed her eyes and thought about her life. The ugliest one. The most tragic one and the most disastrous…a battle in which she had only tasted defeat, she and her life were the synonyms of failure.
Suddenly she burst out                              
I FAILED IN MY LIFE BECAUSE OF YOU,I AM A  QUITTER ,A  LOSER NOW!.YOU DITCHED ME! U GAVE ME NOTHING IN LIFE!! she shouted at the top of her lungs looking up at the sky.. A tear tickled down her cheeks,.
And With a deep breath, she threw herself into the sea…
 She felt the chill air against her body as she floated in the air. She wasn’t scared but it was a bliss.She went deep down the sea while the water splashed very high.
Slowly, down and down she went. She felt the water fast entering her ears and nose but she showed no sign of struggle. She was enjoying the serenity she had never got in her life
I am dying she thought
He gave me nothing in life .he forgot me. He does not exist. I am the mistake of godshe thought repeatedly
But something was bothering her.It was not death at all for she was loving it now better than her life.
What was it then? it was a spark in her soul.
she felt like somebody was talking to her, from within the soul.
she heard the deep voice close to her ears speaking
Dear girl, dont be a fool. .Hasn’t god given you anything?
 A life to live and show the world who you really are? but what did you do?
Like a coward you tried to hide yourself from life.
why? because of your sufferings?
Ah dear girl! WHAT YOU LACKED WAS A DREAM .A DREAM TO FOLLOW. Had you had one ,all the pains would have dissolved in your never knew that.God cant make mistakes. He can’t ditch anyone…”
And the voice stopped and she opened her eyes very wide. The salt water blistered her eyes, but a desire shone brightly in them. Something she never had before.
But By then death had entangled her .Her lungs were burning. she couldn’t breath. Her heart hardly was beating.
But with all her left strength,she dived upwards.water choked her.she gasped for breath.Like a fish out of water she struggled in water.
GOD! for the first time she called, with all her heart.what a coward am i..
By then all she wanted was to live her life…But she was dying. Minutes passed by and she was drowning.
But suddenly her eyes caught a sight. she was sure that it was not a mirage..
out of nowhere came an odd ship…it quickly neared her.
what an ecstatic sight it was. She felt confidence pouring into her heart.
As the ship neared an old man  offered his hand to her and said
It’s the rebirth. Believe in yourselves”.
His smile was strange.bewildered,she eagerly holded his hands and climbed onto the deck.she was pale and weak.she felt like she was slipping away. Into another world.
is this my end??NO,I don’t want to die she whispered unclearly.
Through her narrow eyes, she saw the old man coming towards her. His eyes were hypnotic .unusually divine….
She closed her eyes slowly


Birds chirped enthusiastically. And the dawn was breaking. the golden rays  were gradually spreading. she woke up and sat down. She was on the shore.
To her left she saw the cliff from which she had jumped into the sea last night.
I am alive! she shouted in high spirits.
She tried to recall what had happened to her last night. Everything seemed like a dream.
and the ship?? she suddenly stood up and looked around. The ship was gone. Nor were there any traces of that old man.
she was alone there. She felt an incredible change. To her body and mind. Her heart was full of determination. To live her life,to win the battle. It was the rebirth. No pain, no sorrows, and no torments could cripple her again. Her mind overflowed with positive energy.
But something else was haunting her.the face of that old man
but Who was he?”,she asked to herself.A thousand questions rose in her mind.
‘that voice and that old man..they have something in common.The voice, the ship, the man,those eyes,the divinity,the smile.. What can they all mean????” she thought
She didnt notice that she was crying. And little did she knew that those tears came out at the realization of a big truth.
the truth.
it means,she sobbeb and looked up at the sky, that it was  you???,dear god!.
She turned around and started to walk.. …
Somewhere far the church bell rang and the waves splashed against the rock like never before….


  1. beautiful story as usual, hp!!
    n i luvd d pic:)

  2. This is really beautiful :)
    made me think a little...


  3. A wonderful story. enjoyed reading very much

    Have a pecaeful Sunday.

  4. @sneha.thnx sneha;) glad to hear that!:)
    @yvonne.thankyou so much:)
    @emmie@thankyou emmie:)

  5. A lovely story. Thanks for sharing your thoughts...

  6. I just read your subtitle and want to let you know that you do not appear to be "a confused teenager." Maybe a brilliant one who knows exactly what she wants and will achieve it.

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